Handlekurven: ICA og iHerb

Hva handler en veganer på butikken?

Før jeg ble vegetarianer og senere veganer tenkte jeg som mange andre: Jeg hadde lyst til å slutte med kjøtt og animalske produkter, men jeg trodde aldri jeg kunne klare det. Den fremmede veganmaten jeg bare hadde hørt om hadde en mystisk aura rundt seg, og jeg var overbevist om at det var for vanskelig. Helt til Kaja en gang skrev «Veganere spiser da helt vanlig mat, vi bare velger litt andre produkter når vi er på butikken». Ikke ordrett, men med samme budskap. Det ble starten på min reise til «Veganville«, og jeg tenkte jeg skulle dele litt av det jeg handler, for å vise at det er lett å ta dyrevennlige valg når man er på butikken 🙂

Over ser du resultatet av en kjapp tur på ICA:
– Kokosmelk. Jeg bruker masse kokosmelk, i alt fra kakao og vafler til risgrøt og karrigryter
– Tacoskjell. Vegansk taco er kjempegodt. Pass på å kjøpe tacoskjell som er uten skadelig palmeolje, f.eks. fra Old El Paso
– Spinat
– Avocado
– Kiwi
– Satay saus fra Santa Maria
– Alpro tofu
– Paprika
-Soltørkede tomater i olje. Et must på pizza
– Epler
– Havremelk med appelsin og mango fra Oatly. Veldig god!
– Fullkornsris
– Kaldpresset, økologisk rapsolje

Jeg rakk å spise opp en pose spinat, en avokado og fire bananer før jeg tok bildet. Spinatsmoothie sa du? 😉


På dette bildet ser du tre bestillinger fra iHerb, en genial nettbutikk når det kommer til tørrvarer man kanskje ikke finner her til lands, eller som er veldig dyre.

– To poser vegansk marshmallows. Kakaosesongen er ikke over enda.
– Fire poser TVP. Vegansk kjøttdeig, bare som tørrvare. Billig og bra. Her kan du lese hva jeg har skrevet om TVP tidligere.
– En shaker. Den gamle tar snart kveld, super å ha med smoothie på jobb i.
Tørket mango. Sååå godt, og genial snacks å ha med i veska.
Chocolove sjokolade. Verdens beste sjokkis, helt enkelt.
– Glutenfri frokostblanding med vaniljesmak.

Så neste gang du er på butikken, velg plantebasert mat, både for dyrene og for miljøet! 🙂


  1. josefine

    Ååja, de Chocolove-sjokoladene er magiske! Bestilte tre plater på iherb her forleden, spiste opp alt sammen på to dager (og det var bare flaks at jeg ikke spiste alt med en gang). Spesielt den med kirsebær var FARLIG digg 😀

  2. Claudia

    I live in Norway but my written skills of Norwegian are quite poor… I am sorry to be a deal breaker to inform you that buying that TVP is not a environmental friendly decision nor a healthy decision… specially because that stuff it is not organic and not fermented..

    Circa 95% of the soy in the planet is GMO and based on heavy used of pesticides and fertilizers which are far more damaging the future of the planet and to your healthy as those pesticides have been proved to contribute to a huge increase in metabolic diseases like autoimmune diseases of the thyroid for example. Soy is a cheap product and a toxic one. Chine and Japanese consume only ferment soy products as soy per se is in everything and over eating of soy can be terrible damaging, specially those over processed soy products like soy based vegan meat. Soy has it’s estrogen-mimicking properties which can damage women and men fertility. See what Dr. Mercola says about soy produced in the US: «The GM variety planted in 91 percent of US soy acres is Roundup Ready—engineered to survive being doused with otherwise lethal amounts of Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide. Monsanto produces both the Roundup Ready soy seeds and the herbicide Roundup.The logic — if you can call it that after all factors are considered — behind GM crops such as soy is that you can decrease the cost of production by killing off everything except the actual soy plant.»
    Is it good to go organic? Only fermented soy stuff like shoyu and tamari, sauces, tempeh (fermented tofu) and misoshiro pastes because: Soy has Goitrogens block the synthesis of thyroid hormones and interfere with iodine metabolism. Soy milk is a significant contributor to thyroid dysfunction or hypothyroidism in women.
    Soy have Isoflavones are a type of phytoestrogen, which is a plant compound resembling human estrogen, which is why some recommend using soy therapeutically to treat symptoms of menopause.
    But, says, Dr Mercola: Typically, most of us are exposed to too much estrogen compounds and have a lower testosterone level than ideal, so it really is important to limit exposure to feminizing phytoestrogens. Even more importantly, there’s evidence it may disturb endocrine function, cause infertility, and promote breast cancer, which is definitely a significant concern.Drinking two glasses of soy milk daily for just one month provides enough of these compounds to alter your menstrual cycle. Although the FDA regulates estrogen-containing products, no warnings exist on soy. Soy has phytic acid which prevent the absorption of calcium, magnesium, iron, and zinc.

    Soy is specially bad for vegetarians, because eating red meat reduces the mineral-blocking effects of these phytates. Only a long period of fermentation will significantly reduce the phytate content of soybeans. Soy has many anti-nutrients which interfere with the enzymes you need to digest protein.

    If I was you I would immediately review your soy based vegan diet. You must go 100% organic ferment soy and pray to detox from your body all the Round Up ready you have already ingested. Good luck! I was going to comment some other products from you shopping list, like El Paso taco (a no-no!) and all the GMO corn/mais on the making of them & the disgusting GMO rice of Uncle Bens but I come back another time!

    • bente

      Thank you for your concern Claudia, it is always nice to see that people is conscious when it comes to diet and health 🙂

      First things first: I do not have a soy-based diet. My diet consists of around 80% fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains, nuts and seeds. Either cooked or raw. In addition to that, I also eat some processed foods, like TVP, soymilk, chocolate/candy, white flour, sugar, etc. I try to keep most of these foods to a minimum, because as we all know, processed foods contains less nutrients and can also be bad for you.

      Soy is a very controversial topic. Maybe you already are aware of this, but most of the soy produced today is used to feed animals. Alpro is the largest provider of soy-based foods (for humans) in Europe, and they do not use GMO soy. Neither do they use soy grown in Brazil that is an environmental threat.

      When it comes to the health issues you worry about, I agree that people with hypothyroidism should limit their intake of soy, or remove it completely from their diet to be safe. For healthy people who has a reliable source of iodine, eating soy will not cause thyroid problems.

      Epidemiological studies has showed that phytoestrogens has a protective effect against breast cancer. In vitro studies concluded that females with current or past breast cancer should be aware of the risks of potential tumor growth when taking soy products (from Wikipedia). I guess more studies has to be done in this area, but my mother recently had breast cancer, and her doctor obviously trusted the epidemiological studies, as he had no concerns letting her take phytoestrogens to try and relieve her symptoms of menopause.

      It is correct that soy contains phytate that can inhibit the absorption of minerals. Phytate is also found in other plant foods, but this is not a problem since you would have to eat very large quantities for it to cause deficiency.

      There are claims that soy may cause infertility, “man boobs”, effect testosterone levels and so on, but no one has been able to prove this through scientific studies.

      My conclusion? Soy is a bean. Not a two headed monster or a toxin. As with all foods, soy is also healthiest as close to its original form as possible, but a reasonable intake of processed soy is not harmful.

      I would recommend this article written by a dietitian: http://www.veganhealth.org/articles/soy_wth#min
      And also these two articles if you are comfortable reading Norwegian and Swedish:

      Klikk for å få tilgang til soja.pdf

  3. Claudia

    Sorry, that marshmallow, that chocolove chocolate, nothing is organic, it is all packed with cheap GMO soy lecithin & cheap GMO corn syrup. dear, you are poisoning you self. Drop all this immediately, for the sake of your health! Start buying in Norwegian nettbutikk, they know what is allowed in the country that is good… The price of cheap American food is high. Investigate the best vegan chef, none of them serve soy.

    • bente

      Again, I appreciate your concern for my health. I can assure you that even if I eat candy occasionally I am not poisoned. The marshmallows and the chocolate may be GMO, but the TVP is not. Neither is the Old El Paco taco shells or the Uncle Ben’s rice, as genetically modified foods are not allowed in Norway.

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